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  • Christmas, obviously, it was lovely :)

  • Paddy and I are going away together tomorrow without Rory for a few days, thats going to be excellent!


  • So much Christmas debt :(

  • So very fat

Woohoo! I did every day! I win!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
I am an old lady now
Happy birthday to me


Mar. 12th, 2014

I just had a huge panic attack at work over nothing. I miss my mess.

More later.


10) Secrets
* I've slept with more women than I have men. To be honest, I'm surprised I fell in love with a guy, but I did and I'm happy :)
* When I was 5, I pushed my little sister Chloe down the stairs and I STILL feel really guilty about it!!
* I still have imaginary friends, I make up stories with them in my head to settle myself to sleep! I've done it since I was very little and its the only thing that works.
* I weigh 11 stone =/
* I'm terrible at keeping other peoples secrets, although I am getting better at it actually, thinking about it.
* I have some people I know that I just keep around because they are train wrecks and I'm really nosy. That's pretty bad of me.
* I try really REALLY hard to be a good person, I think if I didn't Id be the worst person in the universe. I wonder if 'good' people are actually good, or just like me and faking it to feel better.
* I kind of hate children. I love Rory, so so much, but other kids... urg. They suck.
* I've read all the spoilers for Breaking Bad, Paddy doesn't know and thinks I'm really good at 'predicting' what's going to happen. Its hilarious.
* I piss money away all. the. time.

09 Loves
* Rory
* Paddy
* My sisters
* My Mum
* Busy work days
* Red wine
* Laughing
* Sex
* Cats

08 Fears
* Death
* Small spaces
* Spiders
* Blood tests
* Memories that upset me
* Checking my online banking
* Bears
* My house smelling bad

07 Want
* A dog
* More money
* A promotion!
* Driving lessons
* Our holiday to be booked and paid for :P
* For Paddy to do well at Uni
* To be all done with withdrawal from anti depressants

06 Places you want to go
* Paris (again, I love it there so much)
* Egypt
* Heligoland (In Germany, where my ancestors are from)
* New York
* Prague
* Disneyland!

05 Foods
* Eggs
* Enchilada's
* Fresh pasta
* Tomatoes
* Bacon

04 Books
* Harry Potter series
* Les Miserables
* Wuthering Heights
* Adrian Mole series

03 Films
* Mean Girls
* Chicago
* Airplane!

02 Songs
* Freedom - Nizlopi
* Beautiful World - Colin Hay

01 Picture of yourself.


Trying to get back into Lj

You all know me, I'm Joy :D but I'll do it anyway, because I'm trying to blog again.

Well, I work as a cook at a primary school, which is pretty much the most thankless job you could ever imagine. I'm hoping one day to run my own kitchen, which seems a long way off to be honest. I also write, but that's a pretty private hobby, I don't intend to make a career out of it.

I met my husband Paddy when I was 17 and pretty much have been crazy in love with him since then. He is the most awesome, kind, funny person I've ever met, but he does have bi polar disorder so at times the guy I love so much can be pretty hard work. Luckily he's worth it and I count myself to be one of the lucky ones who met their true other half. I'm really proud of him because he's currently training to be a maths teacher and doing really well.

We have a little boy called Rory who is 6. He is hilarious, clever and VERY stubborn. He loves to play video games, anything that has Super Mario involved and he is there. He also thinks rocks are the most interesting things you can find. No idea at all where that came from, but I do find 'pocket rocks' as he calls them in my washing machine a lot. I'm very proud of Rory, he somehow managed to turn out really well despite having me as a mother.

I have four cats, who I adore but drive Paddy insane :p I have Tonks, who is a very elderly, arthritic former stray, Oliver the very loud Bengal, George the friendly ginger Tom and Mimi, our foster cat for the year who I think could be the most evil being I've ever met. Cute though. I cannot live in a house without cats, it feels so lonely!

Hmm, other stuff about me... There isn't a whole lot to be honest! And the entry for tomorrow is for 20 facts so I might as well just leave it at that. You all know me well anyway!

Recent photo of me -

That's me at the beach at Arcachon on holiday this year. Love it there :)


Friends Only

Friends Only, Comment to be Added :)

101 things in 1001 Days

I was inspired to do my own list by several of you doing it, so I joined mission101 and wrote out 80 things to start off with and I start tomorrow! Ive got my list here on lj where I can keep detailed tabs on it, and also here. It should be a lot of fun, and I'll probably be posting about it a lot from now on :D I need stuff like this to get me motivated.

If anyone can think of some other stuff to add to this list tell me! Coming up with 101 is hard. Ive done 80 to start off with and I'll fill in the other 20 as I go, seeing as 1001 days is such a long time, Im sure I'll get new goals as I go.

Also, this post is public, which is a bit scary! Eek!

Start Wednesday 6th January 2010
Finish Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Italic is stuff I'm in the process of doing
Bold is stuff Ive completed
Strikethrough is stuff I've failed
My List So FarCollapse )