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10) Secrets
* I've slept with more women than I have men. To be honest, I'm surprised I fell in love with a guy, but I did and I'm happy :)
* When I was 5, I pushed my little sister Chloe down the stairs and I STILL feel really guilty about it!!
* I still have imaginary friends, I make up stories with them in my head to settle myself to sleep! I've done it since I was very little and its the only thing that works.
* I weigh 11 stone =/
* I'm terrible at keeping other peoples secrets, although I am getting better at it actually, thinking about it.
* I have some people I know that I just keep around because they are train wrecks and I'm really nosy. That's pretty bad of me.
* I try really REALLY hard to be a good person, I think if I didn't Id be the worst person in the universe. I wonder if 'good' people are actually good, or just like me and faking it to feel better.
* I kind of hate children. I love Rory, so so much, but other kids... urg. They suck.
* I've read all the spoilers for Breaking Bad, Paddy doesn't know and thinks I'm really good at 'predicting' what's going to happen. Its hilarious.
* I piss money away all. the. time.

09 Loves
* Rory
* Paddy
* My sisters
* My Mum
* Busy work days
* Red wine
* Laughing
* Sex
* Cats

08 Fears
* Death
* Small spaces
* Spiders
* Blood tests
* Memories that upset me
* Checking my online banking
* Bears
* My house smelling bad

07 Want
* A dog
* More money
* A promotion!
* Driving lessons
* Our holiday to be booked and paid for :P
* For Paddy to do well at Uni
* To be all done with withdrawal from anti depressants

06 Places you want to go
* Paris (again, I love it there so much)
* Egypt
* Heligoland (In Germany, where my ancestors are from)
* New York
* Prague
* Disneyland!

05 Foods
* Eggs
* Enchilada's
* Fresh pasta
* Tomatoes
* Bacon

04 Books
* Harry Potter series
* Les Miserables
* Wuthering Heights
* Adrian Mole series

03 Films
* Mean Girls
* Chicago
* Airplane!

02 Songs
* Freedom - Nizlopi
* Beautiful World - Colin Hay

01 Picture of yourself.



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Mar. 2nd, 2014 01:54 pm (UTC)
Lol at the spoilers...you think he'd be suspicious by now :p

Love your necklace ;)
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